Bokashi Logic Buckets System


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An new effective and efficient way to recycle house hold food scraps. No smell, easy to use and can be added to the garden after two weeks. 
ps it is in NZ$ even though it say AU$

Bokashi Logic Buckets System

  • 2 buckets with perforated bases
  • 2 whole buckets
  • 1 black space saver lid
  • 1 white bucket lid
  • 1 kg of Bokashi Bran

Bokashi Logic Buckets System

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Recycling house hold food scraps has never been easier. The Bokashi Logic Bucket System contains two sets of buckets and enough Bokashi Bran to get you recycling for a month at least.  Sturdy food grade plastic buckets and a vacuum seal bucket lid means a maximum of food scraps go into the bucket and are sealed for use. No smell, no mess!